(JM) Bugged!!!!!!

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(JM) Bugged!!!!!!

Post#1 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:21 pm

(GM) I hope you can least look in to this, after all I waste my time texting you this msg, I hope at least you guy's can do your part, there were 6 in the (JM) party other's got DC, then the Party got Loot Gem Bugged, everytime when we loot. it all goes to this ORC priest name call (SuperManNiu) we've even asked him nicely saying is a bug you should share with the party after when we all finish this event, he didn't reply at all, I think in total he got 9Gems with the Winning Sliver Gem, I know this is a game problem because you guy's have so many Bug in this game, and it isn't fair on the people who work so hard just to get in (JM), some work over night to get gear and GBs just to get enough items to win at (JM), everyone has to work as a team, but having such a selfish person in (JM) event when there's a Bug yet his selfish enough to keep it all, I think this is more then just a server game Bug, it shows to people that his nothing but a scammer too.
so I hope you can look in to this, and one more thing after when (JM) finish we all teleport to Morodon to ask him for a trade or trade to who ever didn't get a Gem at all, he traded us a (Shard+0) what a cheeky person that is!!!!

I know this isn't his problem and you guy's really need to sort out this Bug all the time, instead of making loyel player want to quit course of small problems. at the end of the day this show [color=#FFFF40](SuperManNiu)[color=#FF0000] is nothing but a scammer mind set too[/color][/color]

Selling...Steel Belt,Skel Belt(25GB), Iron Neck, Glave+8(30GB), Elixir+8,Lego,//>>>Buying.....Smite Hammer/Holy+7,SN+7,Sherion+7+8,Aveond,Eagle Eye(SKULL)

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